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Re: Those St Clair of the Isles etc

In a recent Portland geneology publication there is a description of a
CD-Rom series coming out from Heritage Quest for the U.S. Census 1790-1920.
These images a digital images which make images too dark or too light or
scratched to be read now. They are indexed, and the software makes it
possible to enlarge the image to any size so that difficult letters or
numbers can be examined.  Images can be sized for easy scanning of pages,
selected for copying to disc or printer and cut and pasted into documents.
By holding down the right mouse button, a special magnifier is activated and
can be moved with the mouse for quick and easy reading of census images.
Click on an icon and the census page changes from a positive (black on
white) to a negative (white on black) image.
     Technology is here now to read some of those faint pages.  If we could
get some of the appropriate features included in the St. Clairs of the Isles
CD, it would be helpful.

    here is their website www.heritagequest.com  that tells about the census

> I came across the following info from the Eastman e-mail newsletter, that
> receive:
> More Old Books on CD
> It seems that Rod Neep has set up a project to scan old, out-of-
> print books, directories etc. and to then distribute them on CD-
> ROM. This is a non profit project; any funds received are either
> ploughed back into the project to buy more books

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