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Re: Those St Clair of the Isles etc

Ian, I have one of the original photocopies of the original St Clair book, 
and I have often thought it would be more useful to have it available as a 
collection, in groups by family.  I would also group them by their Caithness 
location, as in "The Sinclairs of Brabsterdorran", as the author did, with a 
map which identifies the location of these villages. with the first issuance 
of your work.  You may have to add names to the map to cover them all.  The 
original Ordnance map has some shortcomings with respect to identifying wee 
places, such as Bower.  Further, if you still have the desire and time, I 
sure would like to have a photocopy of the Henderson book , the one that 
covers the Sinclairs of Caithness.

Hope you are encouraged in this endeavor - I'm sure it's the better approach, 
Higgenson may not consider it to be good business for them, but it's sure to 
be good for us Sinclair searchers.  Thanks for inviting commentary.   Aye 
yours, Ray Lower
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