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Sinclairs in Rev. War

We now have 25 Sinclair/Sinkler/St. Clairs listed in the Rev. War index of
"History"  www.clansinclairusa.org   That is a great showing but do I have
everyone's?   Are you holding back?

  I have a picture of  a beautiful commemorative sign at Sea Island, GA on
the "Sinclair Plantation"

"This was the plantation of Archibald Sinclair, 'tything man of the town of
Frederica.  In 1763 it was granted to Donald Forbes as bounty land for his
services to Oglethorpe's regiment.  Forbes sold to Gen. Lachian McIntosh of
Rev. fame, whose son. Major William McIntosh, lived and died in the old
plantation house.  Here, in the family burial plot, lie the bodies of Major
McIntosh and his two children. The Agricultural and Sporting Club of St.
Simons Island, an organization of plantation owners founded in 1832, used
the old tabby home as their club house."

    Was Archibald Sinclair involved in the Rev. and when and how is he
linked to this Plantation?

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