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Great. great grandfather, 1st name unknown

I am seeking the father of Duncan F. Sinclair, 1833-1906
who married Sarah Ann Stuart, born 1835.  Duncan had a 
brother, Daniel F. Sinclair, 1831-1918.  Their mother was
Rebecca Fennelson Sinclair, born around 1794.  All of the          
above were born in North Carolina (Moore County and Cumber-
land County).  Unfortunately, I can find no record of the 
first name of Rebecca's husband and the boys' father.  

My mother, Martha Lou Sinclair, 1898-1955 told me that 
her father, John Kenneth Sinclair, 1867-1950 said that his
grandfather (for whom I am searching) was born in Scotland.
Can anyone help me find this Sinclair without having his 
first name?

Julia English Spicer


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