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Re: St. Clairs in 19th c. Albany?

Hi Donald,

No, the Murphy's are not on the St. Clair side of the family.


>Hi  Lesley, Does John T. Murphy of Ottawa fit anywhere in you research.     
>  Donald H. Sinclair  Swan River Manitoba Can.
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>     Hello everyone,
>     I just subscribed to the list. My name is Lesley Murphy, and my 
>gggrandmother was Mary Frances St. Clair, who lived in Albany, NY, and 
>married my gggrandfather, David Tuttle Fuller in 1837 or 1838. I am 
>actively involved in genealogical research, and have had  a very difficult 
>time tracing Mary Frances's ancestry. I hoped that her name might ring a 
>bell with someone on the list. We are particularly interested in her 
>because she is the spitting image of my mother!
>     Any replies would be greatly appreciated.
>   I do not know whether this will give you a lead but:
>                   Captain Charles Northop St Clair was born in Russeltown, 
>                   9th June, 1812.  When an infant of 5 months, his parents 
>moved to
>                   Barre, New York which was ever after his home.  The St 
>                   homestead was that part of Barre which became Albion.  
>Mr St Clair]
>                   grew up and aided his father in clearing the lands.  At 
>20, he was a good               musician.  he manufactured (with his own 
>hands) violins and guitars.
>                   At the same age he became Captain of the Orleans Grays 
>which was
>                   one of the finest military companies in that area of the 
>                   At one period of his life he commanded and owned boats 
>on the Erie
>                   canal running from Buffalo to New York City but 
>eventually chose farming
>                   as his main business and devoted his life to it.
>                   He married 10th June 1833 Elmina Baldwin daughter of 
>Joel and Elizabeth
>                   Turrell of Pleasant Valley, Duchess County, N.Y.  The 
>young couple built
>                   for themselves a house on the St Clair Estates.
>                   They celebrated their golden wedding in 1883.
>                   He died in Albion of paralysis 29th October, 1893 and 
>his wife died
>                   in Albion on 6th October, 1896.  Both are buried in 
>Mount Albion
>                   cemetery.
>                   Their Children were:
>                                   Alphonzo Turrell
>                                   Francis Osmond
>                                   James Julius
>                                   Charles Henry*
>                                   Arthur Knowles
>                                   Joel Fuller Turrell**
>                                   Helen Louisa St Clair (an adopted 
>   The Hon Charles Henry St Clair also engaged in the business of 
>steam-boating but,
>   during the war, made a daring escape from the Confederates and became a 
>pilot on board U.S.Ship Harriet Lane under Commander Wainwright of Admiral 
>Farrgut's fleet
>   Joel Fuller Turrell was involved in the Battle of Mile Run, Virginia 
>where he was badly
>   wounded.
>   He married Mary H. Baird and of their 6 children, one was called Mary 
>Isabella b.1869
>   I could not find any Mary Frances in this particular family but thought 
>that the frequent
>   appearance of the name "Fuller" (usually as a middle name) was 
>   Niven Sinclair
>     Sincerely,
>     Lesley Murphy
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