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Pictures from Nosshead

There are a number of new pictures from around Nosshead on the Nosshead Lighthouse Window at the moment. In particular, the updates on the Home page shows the newly carved engrailed cross gates. These can be seen with Sean the sculptor who completed them earlier today. In addition on the Nosshead Estates page there are a number of photos included of the flora and fauna from the grounds.
For people able to make the gathering there is also a picture of the Sinclair Mausoleum at Wick as this is one of the many sites around Nosshead that will be of interest to clan members. I hope to be able to meet those of you who are able to make it over and will keep replacing pictures from around the Sinclair Bay coastline for those who cannot make this trip.
Finally I would like to publicly thank Lena Lofstrom for her work on the languages page of the Nosshead Lighthouse Window. Thank you Lena.
Best wishes,
David Sinclair-Sherratt