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new in Clan history pages

Dear Cousins,
     Niven sent me three newspaper articles published June 25th in Orkney
and/or northern Scotland concerning Laura Zola's voyage.  See them at
www.clansinclairusa.org    History

Also I wonder if many of you have read the pages concerning the history of
the Sinclairs and Knights Templar  take the "Templar Years" link from the
"History" and then "Before Bannockburn".

The listings of the Sinclairs in various immigration lists have been put in
"Semi-genealogy" in my web pages.  Ray Lower, the true Clan Sinclair USA
Genealogist may have them also in his pages.   Some people have thought
because Pete Cummings, the former Clan Genealogist worked on the clan
history also that somehow I was also the genealogist, but I am not.   There
is so much to capture in both areas that I don't want to do the genealogy
but leave it to Ray and other helpful people out there.  He especially wants
to help people get started with their research.   Reach him at the clan
website above and take Genealogy link.

Our Portland Highland Games were yesterday.  As usual Steven & Cathy
Sinclair were there to do the honors.  Steven attends numerous Highland
games throughout the Spring and Summer.  I was glad that I could attend.

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