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Re: Irish Sinclairs

Hi Karen,  wanna bet that the 2 little kids, Nancy and James, were the siblings of Ann,
and Hugh, and children of Margaret?  If you add 10 years to their ages, they would fit
right in.  They might have gone with other relatives, or sent away because of disease or
illness at home.  Perhaps the father had died.  Who knows?  The possibilities are endless
but its very unusual to send two small children away, when there is a "possible family"
in the district.  Wouldn't this make an interesting PBS mini series?


kjmath@swbell.net wrote:

 Thought I'd pass on the following from Brian Mitchell, Irish Passenger Lists 1847-1871: Lists of Passengers Sailing from Londonderry to America on Ships of the J. & J. Cooke Line and the McCorkell Line (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1988). These were all on the J. & J. Cooke Line.