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Fw: [rosslyntemplar] Fw: Rosslyn Chapel

Can anyone shed any light on the post from another list quoted below???  I
try to follow happenings at the chapel and have heard nothing about any new
endeavors as outlined below.  Could this be a confused re hashing of the
original scans Andrew Sinclair commissioned?


Gary M. Sinclair

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From: Nukhet Serim <graham@superonline.com>
To: Rosslyntemplar@onelist.com <Rosslyntemplar@onelist.com>
Date: Friday, September 10, 1999 10:30 AM
Subject: [rosslyntemplar] Fw: Rosslyn Chapel

>From: graham@superonline.com (Nukhet Serim)
>Is this nonsense ?  Graham
>The radar scan was done at Rosslyn recently and revealed numerous hidden
>vaults.Reflections registering as metal were found in several areas.  The
>scans also indicated two flights of steps beneath the floor of the Chapel.
>The work was organised by a man named Andrew Sinclair and he was allowed to
>raise stone slabs to reveal three steep steps to a vault below.  It was
>small arched between two pillars but access to the main vaults beyond had
>been sealed by a thick wall of stone masonry.
>  The second stairway found exactly where the Reverend Thompson had
>described it in 1897 was far deeper and filled with sand and stone.  The
>excavation was stopped at this point and an attempt was made to drill
>through the roof of the vault to lower an endoscope with a fibre optic lead
>to film the interior this proved impossible. It would appear that there has
>been as much attention given to the structure below ground as that above.
>  If there is a follow up I will let you know but the papers are not a lot
>interested in these parts