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research trip, VIKINGS IN THE WEST

For those interested ... 

University Museum Publications   
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Philadelphia, PA  19104
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VIKINGS IN THE WEST  edited by Eleanor Guralnick
    Papers presented at a symposium sponsored by The Archaeological Institute
of America, Chicago Society, and the Museum of Science and Industry of 
Chicago; held at the Museum on April 3, 1982.  Tthe Museum's exhibition "The
Viking World" includes actual Norse artifacts and replicas from the first
scientific excavation of a Norse site in North America.  This created a
unique opportunity for public display of genuine evidence for a Norse
presence in the Western Hemisphere, hence, the decision to present the
symposium, Vikings in the West, and this publication of its scholarly papers.
[1982. AIA. iv + 76 pp., 5 maps, 19 figs. biblio. Paper.  0-9600942-0-4]  

Gerald Gibbons

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