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Re: Shroud

Dear Privateers,

Attend the debate when it takes plac, it should be fun, stimulating

Question: have you ever seen any evidence that the Inquisition ever used
crucifixion, bearing in mind that just like the Naziz, they kept immaculate

As I said in an earlier posting, the work of Dr. Garza-Vermes has given
serious scientific reasons which indicate that the carbon dating is grossly
flawed. An idea which has been accepted in principle as a distinct
possibility by the scientist in charge of the testing. This, therefore,
pending further tests - if any- , opens up the whole question and leaves us
reliant on earlier scientific work which indicates most strongly that the
Shorud was woven in Palestine or Egypt, that is been exposed near the Dead
Sea and probably is nearly two thousand years old judging by the weave.

 The matter of whether or not it is the Shroud of Jesus, is simply a matter
of belief and not of fact as I stated some wek or more ago.

>From my personal point of view, the message to be discerned in the Shroud is
equally valid and the same, be it medieval or biblical. I am only interested
in establishing further scientific enquiries, having a good debate and
stimulating further study in an effort to establish some degree of truth.

It is appropriate to remeber that I made my first positing on this mattter
in repsonse to a correspondant who stated categorically that it was the
Shroud of de Molay. Again a matter of belief and not of fact.

Best wishes


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