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Thurso Sinclairs

I would be grateful if anyone could further enlighten me on gaps or older
relatives of my family tree.

Alexander Sinclair b. ? d. ? married Margaret Sutherland b. ? d. ?
	Had Son George Sinclair b. 3/5/1797 Thurso  d. 16/4/1880 Thurso
	who married Elizabeth Inkster b. 4/8/1797 d. 7/4/1886 in 1827/28

	They had a son Andrew Sinclair b. 1838 d. 27/11/1914 both Thurso 
	who married Margaret Bremner b.1839 d. ? in 1861

	They had a son Andrew Robert McKay Sinclair
			b.1/11/1911 Thurso d. 9/10/1940
			m. Ellen Swanson

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Andrew Sinclair
University of Bath