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Re: searching for Caithness and Orkney relatives


I am searching for information on George Sinclair and his wife Christian or Christina Sinclair (Sinclair is her maiden name).

They had several children:
Alexander (also called John) Sinclair	c. 06 May 1785 Thurso, CAI
				m. 21 June 1822, Thurso
				d. 23 August 1874, Smerquoy 				Farm, Kirkwall, St. Ola, Orkney
	Alexander married Mary Dunbar Rosie of Thurso c. 27 April1794
				d. 11 December 1878, 				Smerquoy Farm, Kirkwall
	Alex. and Mary had 3 children:
	1)  George Sinclair 	c. 25 June 1824 Thurso
			m. 13 Feb. 1851, Kirkwall
		married Jane Robertson Wards

	2) John Sinclair	b. <1830>  Thurso
			d. Stirling, Scotland

	3)  Christina 	b. <1832>
			married William Sutherland in Orkney

Any information would be gratefully received.

Best wishes,

Andrea Wilson

Sugartown, Louisiana USA