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Re: looking for distant relatives

In message <199803180419.WAA09498@oak.zilker.net>, Mark Robert Sinclair
<duncansson@aol.com> writes
>Hello! I am looking for others who may have descended,as I have, from one John 
>Sinclair who departed from a British naval vessel off the coast of Northern 
>Maine in 1815. I am not sure exactly where he lived in the area, but I do know 
>that my father's immediate family lived in St. Francis, ME. Should anyone have 
>any information it would be appreciated. My brother has a list of our direct 
>lineage from 1815, but I would like to explore its branches a bit. 
>Also, although my last name is spelled 'Sinclair' my father's family had always 
>pronounced it 'Sinkler.' Does anyone else share this peculiarity? 

Hi - yes we do share this peculiarity.  I don't quite know how to indicate this
in writing. Sinclair is a Scottish name and in Scotland it's pronounced without
the stress in the second syllable - like Sinkler, I suppose.  i have a dearly
beloved American cousin whose wife pronounces is name with the stress on the
second syllable - he is too tactful to correct her although his first name is
his Scottish mother's maiden name. Properly, the Sin syllable and clair syllable
have the same value.  If the emphasis is on the second syllable, then that
refers to the name St Clair.  Hope this makes sense.  Regards 
Jean Haddow