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Re: Suggestion

Paul wrote:

>Andrea, Bill,
>I'm not sure if what the two of you are referring to is the
>guest book at http://kingcrest.com/sinclair/guestbook.cfm or
>not. That is as close to a Sinclair BB that I know about.

That seems to fit what they're asking for.

>I put up a "Discussion Board" area on that site back in
>November/December last year and solicited input about whether
>that was a good idea or not. It got less than 5 posts in the
>span of 30 days or so and I received 2 or 3 notes on it. Suffice
>it to say it didn't receive an overwhelming response! That was
>the type of set up where someone posts a Topic and any others
>can then post Replies under that Topic or start new Topics of
>their own.

It might get more posts now that Sinclair relatives seem to be finding
each other on the Internet.

Different people like different media.
Different media, such as mailing lists, guest books, etc.,
often get used for different purposes.
I'm all for people using whichever medium suits them.
Paul has already set up the other two media he mentioned above.

One thing that's clear about mailing lists, from long observation,
is that some people like very low volume, and others thrive on
high volume.  Whenever the volume goes up, for whatever reason,
there will be unsubscriptions.  At the same time, there are almost
always new subscriptions.  On this list, the total now stands at 121,
which means we've actually gained a few list members overall.

The number of posts each day so far this week on this list have been
18 Monday, 25 Tuesday, 19 Wednesday, and 18 Thursday.  Even given that
a few of them have been discussions about the list such as this, that's
certainly greatly increased volume over the previous average of about
2 messages a day.

So, those of you who have been requesting a digest seem to have a point.
I'll look into setting one up, in addition to the existing list.


PS: Personally, I've been pleasantly surprised at the high quality of
messages on this list lately, compared to the average genealogical list.

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