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Speculation about Sinclairs

As Michael Baigent wrote in a different book, he doesn't so much leap at conclusions as pole-vault for them, or words to that effect. The first book listed below has been very useful in stirring up interest in assorted early and late Medieval topics, including Rosslyn Chapel. Nonetheless, few people take it seriously as actual history. Baigent has bashed his way through a historical forest, turning up huge rocks here and there and calling them temples and whatnot. More methodical explorers have since managed to document some of what he discovered, even though their interpretations are often quite different.

Holy Blood, Holy Grail,
February 1983, by Michael Baigent, ISBN: 0440136482.
This is the book that unearthed the ancient rumor that the Sinclairs were descended from Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. You have been warned.

The Hiram Key,
1996, by Knight & Lomas, $35

The Hiram Key,
by Knight & Lomas
Prince Henry Project Committee
65 Hartwell Street
West Boylston, MA 01583
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This is a recent paperback reissue.
Bloodline of the Holy Grail,
1996, by Gardner, $35

Web of Gold,
by Guy Patton and Robin Mackness, publisher unknown, 2000.
The story of the treasure of the Temple of Jerusalem: What links the Roman sack of Jerusalem in AD 70, the arrest of a British Businessman in the 1980s near Lyon, the sudden wealth of a priest in Rennes-le-Chateau.... Hitler's SS and the Calvas body found hanging under Blackfriar's bridge? — from the book launch PR

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