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Serious genealogical works about Sinclairs

See also the genealogy page and Paul Sinclair's bibliography page.

A Pair of Books from the late Clan Sinclair Genealogist

Pete Cummings,, said about these books:
``Anyone who has either of these books is very welcome to share their information with others. As the author, I give my permission. I have no financial involvement, nor do I seek to gain any profit. My objective is to spread the information to as many people as possible. Prince Henry and indeed all of our Sinclair heritage should be more widely understood; only then will Prince Henry gain the recognition he so rightly deserves.''
Genealogy of Prince Henry Sinclair
1998?, Pete Cummings
$70.00 Hard cover, approximately 6,000 names and 415 pages.
Available from Higginson Book Company
148 Washington Street, Salem, MA 01970, 978-745-7170

Pete Cummings remarks: ``The format of these books follows the Modified Register System, which has been refined by the National Genealogy Society. The first book includes the ancestors of Prince Henry, all the way back for 26 generations. It also includes the text from my book, Sinclair's Exploration of America.''

Genealogy of St. Clair & Sinclair Families
1998?, Pete Cummings
$80.00 Hard cover, approximately 6,000 names and 415 pages.
Available from Higginson Book Company
148 Washington Street, Salem, MA 01970, 978-745-7170

Pete Cummings remarks: ``If your immediate family is shown in the first one, then there is little reason for you to be interested in the second one. However, for those families whose lineage cannot be traced all the way back, "Genealogy of St. Clair & Sinclair Families" may list them. For attempting to find the missing linkage to the ancient Sinclairs, the Genealogy of Prince Henry Sinclair may hold the vital clues.''

Jean Grigsby's books

Jean Grigsby's books
Jean Grigsby is a well-known Sinclair genealogist.
Jean Grigsby
P.O. Box 339
Beeville, TX 78104
Paul Sinclair has a list of her books.

Other Books

The Sinclair Family in Europe and America for Eleven Hundred Years
1869, Leonard Allison Morrison, A.M., of Windham, NH
originally published by Damrell & Upham in Boston, MA.
A reprint is available from Higginson Book Company
148 Washington Street, Salem, MA 01970, 978-745-7170
Cost: $78.50 Cloth/hard cover; $68.50 Paper cover; $ 6.00 S&H

A substantial work, tracing the Sinclair name and some of its more significant lines from Viking families through Rollo the Dane and the St. Clairs of Normandy, and the particular branch repesented by John Sinckler of Exeter, NH. Morrison invested a number of years in this project, contacting many individuals in the U. S. and abroad, making several trips to Europe and the North for this purpose. The unique value of this book is that the time of its writing the author was much closer to the scene and information sources than we are. —Richard Lower
The Sinclairs of England
by Thomas Sinclair, published in London by Trubner & Co, Ludgate Hill in 1887.
Republished by Ballantine Press, of London and Edinburgh.
Library Binding, 414 Pages, Reprint, ISBN: 0832821675,
Higginson Book Company
148 Washington Street, Salem, MA 01970, 978-745-7170
—Richard Lower
Saint-Clairs of the Isles,
1895, by Roland William St Clair.
``The book Saint Clairs of the Isles was printed in Auckland in 1898 I have been trying to find a copy for several years. I believe that only 500 copies were printed, mainly to a subscription list. I have been lucky enough to get the State Library of Victoria to micro fische this book for me and the cost several years ago was AUD70.00'' —Ian G. Sinclair
``The St Clairs of the Isles Book, which was drawn up by Roland William St. Clair in New Zealand at the end of the last Century, is really the definitive work on the St Clairs. It has a great deal of information about the New Hampshire Sinclairs....'' — Niven Sinclair

Somewhere there must be more information about this author, but he seems to have been well placed in the "North Britain" Sinclair family. He wrote narratives about a great number of Sinclair heads-of-household, many of whom were obviously in the "Laird" class of Scots leaseholder at the time of writing. He makes no attempt to detail the families of the then Earls of Caithness, but does include families from Orkney and the Zetlands who were apparently important to the picture as he saw it. He details all of the stories of the day about the Good, Bad and Ugly in the family. Names of wives are given, as are the children at the time of writing. St Claire makes several references to the Father Hay paper "The Geneologie of the Sainteclaires of Rosslyn"
Available through: For quite a few years, a West Virginia educator and his daughter ran a mail order book business, and one of their best selling lines were called "ScotCopy", photo copies which were printed, collated and bound in book form. The St Clair material was one of these. They unfortunately went out of business several years ago, but Ian Sinclair has recently reported that the book was printed in Auckland in 1898 and the State Library in Victoria has microfiched the book for him. Between this and Ray Lower's ScotCopy, we should be able to provide a research tool or more copies ("expensive!") —Richard Lower

From: Ian Newman <>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 17:37:10 +0800
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001 04:31:02 +0800

Well according to:, they seem to be very much still in business, and I have only two weeks ago ordered my copy of the abovementioned book, which appears loud and clearly as the very first item on their "S' selection page under the "Family Histories" section of their website index. Cost (to Western Australia) is $98.55 (US Dollars) made up of $72.95 for the copy, and the remainder freight.


Ian in Oz (Ian Newman Perth, Western Australia)

The St Clair Genealogy,
1993 This is the last unlocated book of a list first noted by Ed Brumby
They've almost all been located since Ed first asked about them. —jsq
``These books will be available for research as soon as we have completed the {Study Centre} at Nosshead lighthouse. Very rare books!!!'' —Ian Sinclair

Caithness Family History,
1884, by John Henderson
This author, of a very old Caithness family which was at times over the decades part of the Sinclair family, picked up from the St Claire book and added information in the same format. If one cannot find their descandant in St Claires of the Isles, it would pay to check the Henderson book.
Availability: To be discovered. Ray has only "bits and pieces" of copied pages. Niven or Ian may have a full book. —Richard Lower

Sinclairs of Roslin, Caithness & Goshen,
[Clan Sinclair Canada] 1901, by Alexander MacLean Sinclair.
Clan Sinclair Association (Canada) has republished The Sinclairs of Roslin, Caithness and Goshen. We have had it available for the last two years. It is a short book, appx 75 pages but it is one of those rare works that straddles the cusp of the emmigrant/immigrant paradigm as it names people currently (1900) living in Goshen Nova Scotia and their ancestors (dead) and relations (living) in Caithness. There are still many Sinclairs from Nova Scotia who are descendants of those named in this book. Alexander MacLean Sinclair, the author, was a recognized scholar, both here and in the U.K. in Scottish history as well as in the Gaelic. Here is an excerpt.
—Rory Sinclair
The Scots Peerage,
Founded on Wood's Edition of Sir Robert Douglas's Peerage of Scotland. Edited by Sir James Balfour Paul, LL.D, Lord Lyon King of Arms. Volume VI, Edinburgh by David Douglas in 1909.
This very old reference source goes into detail on the Earls of Orkney, Caithness, and William, styled Lord Sinclair, among many others. Its authors also quote from Father Hay and other sources still available at the time of writing. The entries are much more detailed as to the life and times of the Earls who are included, with stories of interest in their individual cases. These references are of limited value in tracing family sometimes, but if the searcher connects with a particular peer, there is usually information of interest about his life.
Available at: most large libraries with good reference libraries should have or can refer to libraries which have these books. Copies of the Sinclair material can be usually be made in those libraries. —Richard Lower
Burkes Peerage
This is a standard reference work which includes Sinclairs who held titles in more recent times and may be living still. Their lineage is given and some basic names, dates and places of spouses and offspring. Honors and positions in government are cited where appropriate. Some of the lineage notations go into some detail of ancestral information which could be interesting to the researcher.
Available: as above, in public libraries. —Richard Lower

Surnames of Scotland: Their Origin, Meaning and History
by George Fraser Black (1866-1948), Ph.D., 1946
The most authoritative source for Scottish surnames. See the excerpt about Sinclair.

The Clans of the Scottish Highlands
by R.R. McIan, text by James Logan, Crescent Books, New York, ISBN 0-517-482843, originally published 1845 and 1847.
Drawings and text about each major clan.
Peter Sinclair of Chatham County, North Carolina
1999, Karen J. Matheson,
``This work contains brief biographies of Peter Sinclair, his father David, and Peter's children and grandchildren. Also included are photocopies of original documents, and 21 pages of descendants containing up to 10 generations. This book is indexed, and contains footnotes. 80 pages, soft-cover. Cost is $25.00 U.S. postage-paid.''
Family of Gen. Arthur St. Clair
by J. Maginess. 32p. 1897. $6.50
Higginson Book Company
148 Washington Street, Salem, MA 01970, 978-745-7170

The Sinclair Family of Virginia
by Jefferson Sinclair Seldon Jr. published 1964.

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