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History about Sinclairs

A Prospect of Sutherland
by Gilbert T. Bell
Birlinn Ltd., 13 Roseneath Street, Edinburgh EH9 1JH, Scotland.
ISBN 1 87474425 4.
It gives a chapter of the ancient history of the Sutherlands. It goes into depth about family from about the 1700's and gives a good account of a great family scandal. It tells about the Duke of Sutherland who built the RR a branch of which went over to Wick. He promoted many schemes to help employ the people around there. I'm sure that some of our Sinclairs must have gone over to work in the mines or on the RR. He brought in great agricultural machinery but the land just wouldn't be fruitful. Really interesting to read some of the nuts and bolts of the economy. —Laurel.
Scots in Sweden
by Jonas Berg and Bo Lagercrantz, published by the Swedish Institure in Stockholm in 1962 (The Nordiska Museet) See Sweden.

Craven, Peterkin

Records of the Earldom of Orkney,
J Clouston
Many Tender Ties
by Sylvia Van Kirk.
It is about the women in Fur-trade Society, 1670-1870. It has many references to Sinclairs associated with the Hudson's Bay Company. I haven't read it yet. —Laurel
Mission Klondike
[Clan Sinclair Canada] by the Rev. James Sinclair
where he recounts the setting up of the first church in the Yukon during the Gold Rush of 1898.

Stories of Banks Peninsula
3rd. edition, August 1, 1914, by H. G. Jacobson
The history of the Hay & Sinclair settlers of New Zealand. According the record the men left their families at Wellington and sailed to find a suitable site and looked at the peninsula then went further down the coast to Port Chalmers to check the fertile Taieri plains. They missed the port and landed at an area known as Anderson Bay which is now a suburb of Dunedin (the scotties had not arrived then) returned back up the coast and landed at Pidgeon Bay where Mr. Sinclair (his first name is not given) said ``this is it.'' Mr. Hay agreed and with their families and Four head of cattle established a settlement; Mr. Sinclair establishing their farm at an area known as Holmes`s Bay. I think that is enough history to tempt you into further research. By the way Mr. Sinclair and his son drowned when taking dairy produce to Wellington and is probably the first recorded shipment of farm produce from the South Island.
—Roy Sinclair, Dunedin OTAGO, New Zealand
Stories of Long Ago
by Ida von Holt.
Includes information about Captain Francis Sinclair and his son, Francis, in Hawaii. Found by Chris Melahn

Scotch-Irish: A Social History
by James G. Leyburn Reprint edition (September 1989) Univ of North Carolina Pr; ISBN: 0807842591; Dimensions (in inches): 0.97 x 9.04 x 6.06.

I believe that this book is just excellent for showing the settlement of the Scotch from Ireland around 1700. There may be better ones, but it's the one I have and can recommend that researchers obtain. A very good reference book!

Maybe not many Sinclairs came through Ulster but it is very likely that in the US they married someone that did or somewhere in your ancestry this will be useful. In particular, there is one whole chapter on the Presbyterian church in Ireland and then US. And even if they came straight from Scotland, they would have been living in Scottish communities and had the following experiences as colonists around 1700-30. —Laurel

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