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Re: change of year, change of list


Five years is a long time indeed. Most lists don't survive anywhere near
that long, and virtually all that do end up with new moderators and new
servers periodically. I truly appreciate your efforts.  This has been a
superb list, in no small part due to your gentle but firm guidance.  Best of
luck in your new endeavors...  you'll have a lot of free time.

Joe Erkes

> Folks,
> Prospero An~o Nuevo.
> Thank you all for your responses in the referendum on the list.
> We heard from many of you who had never posted before, or seldom.
> I would guess each of you has at least one family story others on
> the list would like to hear.
> The overwhelming sentiment of the list members appears to be that they
> want a list that runs according to the existing guidelines.  That should
> be quite possible.  The guidelines do, after all, exist.  And they were

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