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Re: change of year, change of list

Dearest John:
The decision you have made is the right one -- 5 years is a long time to do

When one considers that not only was there no remuneration,  there was also
flak for such and so transgression-- as though John could make people

John has performed a  magficent task with wit, aplomb and ultimate
diplomacy.   His words to us have always had at their base:  balance, logic,
kindness,  and generosity.

Nothing lasts forever,  bad things or good things.  John has been a very
very good thing and I salute him as a  gentleman, a gentle-man and a beacon
of decency and honour.

This may sound like an obit  -- it is not  -- John will do well in any field
he chooses with or without our presence in his life.  Our lives are richer
for his willingness to do this  but now this phase is over.  What happens
next is up to us.  If it is to be nothing --ie the list is to die,  there
must be  a way to archive the material and pages that are extant. I will
pursue with our Web Master the possibilities for this on our Clan Sinclair
Canada  Site.   If it is feasible and useful, then we might be able to do

As for the list,  the sometimes wonderful sometimes painful exchange amongst
us all  .. what is to become of it??..  I wish I could say I could just do
something myself  -- I am extremely committed both in terms of my own
business and several big volunteer committments any or all of which might
suffer if I were personally to take this on --also assuming that I could
being the  total computer nincompoop that I am.. Maybe I could help in the
sharing  but someone has to come up with a plan with the task/sharing made
explicit  -- I haven't a clue how to do it.

I look forward to suggestions from my brothers and sisters on this list for
how we are to move from here.
This much I know -- it won't be the same without John -- let us all get used
to that notion  --

Now,  is there anything we can do to take it on, make it so we all can get
used to the new changes, and make it manageable by us and in the end

Long Live John Quarterman!

Ave atque vale.


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> Folks,
> Prospero An~o Nuevo.
> Thank you all for your responses in the referendum on the list.

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