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Re: the St Clair name

Many thanks Gay, for the explanation of abbreviations.
My little ears pricked up when I saw the reference to Stewart/
Sinclair, as I am a descendant from such a combination, although
I hasten to add that there are quite a number of them!

I also misread your information by seeing the name "Hugh" instead
of the surname "Hughes" - I have only recently gone back another
generation in my St.Clair research and discovered (tentatively at the
moment as I am awaiting certificates to confirm index information)
that my great great grandfather, The Rev.John Patrick St.Clair (who
married a Catharine Sinclair), and his brother Archibald St.Clair
were both born with the Sinclair spelling.  Their mother was Catharine
Stewart, and their father was Duncan Sinclair, whose father in turn
was Hugh Sinclair - they also had a brother Hugh.

They originated (at this stage of my research) from the Fortingall
area, namely the lovely little town of Kinloch Rannoch (now part
of Perthshire).  CathArine Sinclair (note the different spelling to your
CathErine - have you tried that?) and her family were from the
area known as Coireachan North West of Fort William in Inverness
(then known as parish of Kilmonivaig), another beautiful area,
although very rugged, by the looks of the piccys from the internet! 

Archibald remarried at the age of 66 as a widower of Ann Stewart
(1877), so there's two instances of St.Clair/Sinclair/Stewart
connections in the one family right there.  He was a sawmiller, and
lived in the Abercorn region of Scotland (not far from the Forth Road /Rail

I think I will one day write a book about the changing fortunes and
changing addresses/localities of this family, plus the worldwide spread
of the different branches nowdays (Australia/Britain/New Zealand and
who knows where else).  It would make for very interesting reading! 

Regards the rooster on the crest, you would probably need to ask that
question again separately to the list, as it seems to have been missed
by the majority of those that have information on it (it was discussed
in depth about a year ago) - probably due to the Christmas break.


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia

At 07:12 PM 27/12/02 EST, Gay wrote:
>Ian, desc = descendant   VA= Virginia    
>I am interested in the Hugh Dupuy research on my mother's side 
>and the Sinclair/Stewart lines on my father's side. I am interested 
>in actual records people have been able to locate re (regarding)
>Hugh's marriage to the St Clair; interested in the history of these
>Also I have a curiosity to throw out for a response regarding the
>question where did the rooster come from on the family crest and
>have this to say: a rooster announces the light, the dawn and the
>morning star. The rooster is possibly a hidden symbol few would

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