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Re: the St Clair name

<PRE>Ian, desc = descendant   VA= Virginia    I am sorry, I just tend to use a lot 
of shorthand              I have been researching for a long time mostly on 
my husband's Cordova family but also on my mother and father's lines. My 
mother has been researching her lines for over 30 years, is a former 
librarian and a schoolteacher for a time, knows what she is doing and has 
forced some organizations to correct records that had been submitted to them 
with incorrect information that they accepted as true.    I am interested in 
the Hugh Dupuy research on my mother's side and the Sinclair/Stewart lines on 
my father's side. I am interested in actual records people have been able to 
locate re (regarding) Hugh's marriage to the St Clair; interested in the 
history of these families which I am well aware of. I am posting my own info 
so that you all will know who I am and what lines I am researching. Also I 
have a curiosity to throw out for a response regarding the question where did 
the rooster come from on the family crest and have this to say: a rooster 
announces the light, the dawn and the morning star. The rooster is possibly a 
hidden symbol few would recognise or consider for what it is unless they knew 
the history of the family and their Templar ties. I think it is a symbol of 
John the  Baptist.  -Gay Dvorak
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