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Re: the St Clair name

At 11:14 AM 27/12/02 -0600, G L Dvorak wrote:
>desc of Hugh Dupuy St Clairs via the VA USA Dupuy's and marriage to the
>Hatcher family (my mother's mother maiden name Hatcher)
>desc of the Stewart/Fleming line via Janet (Jean Stewart) on my father's
>Cox/Boyles/Griffin/Wallace/Williams/Henderson/Keeling/Fleming line

Dear G L,

- Could you elaborate a little on just what you require?
I'm guessing that "desc" = descendancy, but are you asking if anyone on 
the list has information on this line, or are you offering the information?
- and what does the "VA" stand for?


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia
(St.Clair/Sinclair/Stewart/Campbell, also related to St.Clair-Aiken
 and St.Clair-MacPherson lines plus St.Clair-Newman line of New Zealand)

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