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re Catherine St Clair and Hughes

<PRE>I am new to the list but have read back thru all your archives. I am 
researching family history with reference to my Janet Stewart/John Sinclair 
and Hughes Dupuy/Catherine St Clair lines and have needless to say run into 
the same dead ends everyone else has regarding any records of the Dupuy/St 
Clair marriage. Today I realized perhaps I was looking in the wrong place, 
that place being France. It's been written Hughes and wife went to Scotland 
to visit her family. This falls in the dateline of Henry 3rd Baron (?) who is 
listed with one unnamed daughter whose records have apparently been lost up 
to the point. I had supposed Catherine was French and of the St Clair line. 
It seems just as possible she was a Sinclair who had moved to France when 
married, her family name listed then in the records there as St Clair. Does 
anyone else think this is a possibility? -Gay Dvorak
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