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Re: New years

Dear Annie:
That does not sound so different from my part of Canada. I , though, 
cooked Christmas dinner when I was married (Actually, I still do). I 
used to give Monstrous Parties on Dec. 31 and we would wake up with 
people and God knows what, everywhere. I am not a fan of music in the 
morning, but on the 1st, I would plug in my guitar and try to play what 
Hendrix did at Woodstock. I always failed, but the house cleared and I 
flopped back to bed. My wife Then cooked New Years dinner and she also 
did ALL the cleaning...I woke up fresh and rested at 4:00 and received 
my traditional New Years' glare... I did, however take down the tree and 
put it out...(on the 2nd...). Ah...Memories. Happy New Year to you and 
Hubby. I will phone after Jan. sets in... Love, Gordon

Annie wrote:

>You forgot Australia
>When I was a child we would have a sleep during the day so that we were able
>to see the new year in. The woman would do the usual cooking, serving,
>etc....much the same as Christmas.
>The men would do much the same as they did at Christmas also, drink, drink
>then drink some more.
>At the stroke of midnight everyone would go out side and the children would
>sound off the horns on any cars they had access to.
>The Men would dance very strangely, stepping on our toes and throw each

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