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Re: New years

You forgot Australia

When I was a child we would have a sleep during the day so that we were able
to see the new year in. The woman would do the usual cooking, serving,
etc....much the same as Christmas.
The men would do much the same as they did at Christmas also, drink, drink
then drink some more.

At the stroke of midnight everyone would go out side and the children would
sound off the horns on any cars they had access to.

The Men would dance very strangely, stepping on our toes and throw each
other in the river and some years we were blessed with the special treat of
watching our Mum's jump in the river to save Uncles and Dad's when they
appeared to be drowning.

My Mother always ended the night with her special little traditional chant
"Thank goodness that's over".

> Here are a few traditions for New Year.I am sure that other correspondents
> will contribute others.

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