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RE: A vote for JQ - Aye!

Hi John,
	Evidently I missed a message regarding you leaving the web site.
I don't know what the background is but you have done a yeomans job and
we appreciateit.  Yes some of our members get a bit carried away but I
guess that's life. I hope you will stay on as we need your expertise.
Gloria and I send you and your family our best Holiday Greetings.  Yours
Aye,  David
	P.S.  If there is a vote about you and the site We vote aye to
keep it and you as is.
==========================================David & Gloria Bouschor
124 N. 24th Ave East
Duluth, MN 55812


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I vote aye - that the list be continued as is presently constituted. I
have been one of the argumentative 'speakers'. I have also noted that
argument is not a desirable form of presentation. Bits and pieces of
Sinclair family show up on line these days.  This is from "Scottish

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