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re: the vote.

Hello John,
            My vote is for things to stay as they are, and for you to please stay in control. I am normally a silent user of the list as I am relatively new to all this and am learning heaps from the more experienced list members. I thank them and I salute you, for giving us such a  wonderful opportunity to share in this common interest.
            The rules that you have set out for us to abide by are simple and really, you are asking for very little in return for what you are giving us.
            I do hope that you are encouraged by the response thus far, to the vote.
            May I take this opportunity to wish you and yours, and all other members of this list, a safe and happy Christmas! For those of us fortunate enough to see them, the Pohutukawa Trees, (N.Z. Christmas tree - Metrosideros excelsa), are in full bloom in most parts of the country at present. For those of you who are not familiar with Mother Nature's Christmas Gift to N.Z., these large growing trees have elliptic to oblong leathery dark green leaves with white felted undersides. They flower for 3-4 weeks mid-summer. Their flowers are coloured orange-scarlet to deep crimson and comprise of dense clustered 3-4cm stamens which open from powdery buds which totally cover the tree. At the end of the flowering period the stamens fall to the ground forming a dense red carpet.
            I'm sorry if I appear to be straying from the purpose of the list, but when I look at the magnificent Pohutukawa; at the deep green foliage, at the hints of white undersides, at the rich red skirt of flowers, at the wisps of clear blue sky filtering through its boughs and at the small pockets of darkness deep within its interior, I am also looking at something of equal magnificence in our lives - the colours of the 'Sinclair Dress Tartan.'
            Graeme Prince, Wanganui, N.Z.

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