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RE: Wallis Warfield Simpson

Hi folks, My two cents worth.  The biggest problem with Edward was he
was a Nazi sympathizer, and transmitted some highly sensative
intelligence to the German Gov't.  Wallis was an excellent excuse to
move him on. He was exiled to Bermuda to keep him out of trouble, but
Wallis always felt she was Queen of England. It's funny how things work
out.  Our English friends always try to cover up their own shortcomings
and try to rewrite history to make themselves the big heros.  Sometimes
left alone makes for better understanding.  I'm sure if the British
citizens were aware of their monarch's Nazi leanings we may have had
another "glorious revolution".  I guess with Edward abdicating under
cabinet pressure we had one anyway!  David

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Edward VII may have enjoyed great popularity with his subjects but he
somewhat in the doghouse with top political leaders of Britain because

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