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Re: Wallis Warfield Simpson

In Europe there are a lot of nasty (true or false... who knows) stories about
the Windsor's. One very popular myth(???? or just never proven) is that Walli
was rather a Wally, a he and not a she..... an other sort of a queen so to
speak. Has anyone ever seen her birth certificate?


David & Gloria Bouschor wrote:

> Hi folks, My two cents worth.  The biggest problem with Edward was he
> was a Nazi sympathizer, and transmitted some highly sensative
> intelligence to the German Gov't.  Wallis was an excellent excuse to
> move him on. He was exiled to Bermuda to keep him out of trouble, but
> Wallis always felt she was Queen of England. It's funny how things work
> out.  Our English friends always try to cover up their own shortcomings
> and try to rewrite history to make themselves the big heros.  Sometimes
> left alone makes for better understanding.  I'm sure if the British
> citizens were aware of their monarch's Nazi leanings we may have had
> another "glorious revolution".  I guess with Edward abdicating under
> cabinet pressure we had one anyway!  David

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