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Re: Wallis Warfield Simpson

Edward VII may have enjoyed great popularity with his subjects but he was  
somewhat in the doghouse with top political leaders of Britain because he had 
already become too assertive and meddling for a Twentieth Century British 
monarch.  Consequently, many were happy to see him go.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor had to live abroad, and they chose France.  
The Nazis had the half-baked idea of using the Duke, by promising him the 
throne again once Britain was defeated.  The Duke and Duchess had a great 
deal of difficulty excaping though Spain at the Fall of France in May 1940.

The Duke insisted that he would not be buried at Windson Castle unless Wallis 
was buried next to him.  Not wanting to have a recent British monarch buried 
on foreign soil, British authorities reluctantly agreed.  But when Wallis was 
buried there, the funeral service never once mentioned her name.

But I am not sure what all this has to do with the Sinclairs.

Susan Sinclair Grady

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