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Re: Mike Sinclair

Sinclair--I believe I have heard of John Sinclair, although can't offer any
info.  I have been to Scotia, which is near Eureka in the far NW corner of
California.  Scotia was a company town way back.  But the lumber/paper
business has fallen on hard times in the Pacific Northwest, due to the

Haven't heard of Henry Sinclair.  Sounds like a sharp fellow.  I only know
of my Great-grandfather, David Sinclair, who was some sort of engineer in
the 1800's.  I do have his civil engineering handbook dated 1850.  Very
interesting, and very practical-oriented, as most engineering was in those
days.  Starts out by stating that anyone who learns higher math than
trigonometry (such as calculus) is just wasting their time!  There are
tables showing how many nails in a barrel, how big a hole two men can dig in
a day, what one horse can do, etc.  I suppose one horse can do one
horsepower.  Seems reasonable.

Mike Sinclair
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> Dear Mike Sinclair
> I wonder after you excellent report of your father if you know anything
> about Henry Harbinson Sinclair, who died 1914 and his papers are kept in
> Huntington Library (San Marino, CA He was a Hydroelectric engineer with

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