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Mike Sinclair

Dear Mike Sinclair

I wonder after you excellent report of your father if you know anything
about Henry Harbinson Sinclair, who died 1914 and his papers are kept in
Huntington Library (San Marino, CA He was a Hydroelectric engineer with the
Great Western Power Co. (San Francisco, CA), Palmer Oil Co., Mt. Hood
Railway and Power Co. (Portland, OR), Redlands Electric Light & Power Co.
(Redlands,CA), California Power Co., Edison Electric Co., and the Southern
California Edison Co. The diaries (1896-1907) and notebooks (1893-1909)
concern power plant inspection trips, mostly to the Kern River in
California; the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association (1911-14); and the
California-to-Honolulu Yacht Races (1905-08). Sinclair's son's papers
pertaining to California Delta Farms, Inc. (1920-29). Gift of Arthur W. and
Marjorie Sinclair, 1936.


John Sinclair  Resident Manager of Scotia.in Sonoma County a part of The
Pacific Lumber Company. John  Sinclair founded the Bank of Eureka in 1889
both these men are from you area, I think..


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