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Camilla Parker Bowles

The Prince of Wales and his companion, Camilla Parker-Bowles, arrived
together at a private function attended by the Queen. The event, held at
London's Ritz Carlton, was to thank the Queen's family and friends for their
help during her Golden Jubilee year

The Queen has accepted the Prince's long time partner.  What does this have
to do with Sinclair?  Jean Sinclair, who died 12 Dec 1700, and was buried in
New Church, St. Giles's, Edinburgh, 16 Dec 1700  was her was one of her 8
generations ago Great-Grandparents.

Since drops of seem to blood count what would that be?
Great,Great,Great,Great,Great,Great,Great grandmother?

In the same 8/grandparents is;

Charles II, King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, born. 29 May
1630, died. 16 Feb 1685. Who Mrs Parker-Bowles descended from one on his, to
be delicate, non-marital liaisons. At what point is the basr sinister

Much closer to today is the marriage of  Christopher George Kennedy, son of
Robert and Ethel Kennedy
 born 4 July 1963. Married Sheila Sinclair Berner in 1987.  Anyone know
anything about Mrs Sinclair Berner Kennedy? She is the daughter of daughter
of Robert and Sheila Berner, né  Sinclair of Winnetka, Illinois..


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