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Re: Re:Argyll Sinclairs (MacNokairds?)

Hi, Neigh-BUR!  I have a sister, Joan Sinclair Price in Toronto (that might
be who you mean) and I have a cousin, Jean (Taylor) in Brampton.

Joan has gone back seven generations to YIKES! Cousins? Alexander Sinclair
and Catherine Sinclair : no birthdates for them, but their children were:
i. Ann Sinclair b.1765 Islay, Argyll, d. June 7, 1835 in Boston Mills.  m.
Donald Campbell  in 1788
ii. Mary Sinclair married a Bell
iii. Donald Sinclair
iv. Neil Sinclair, b.1770, m. Christian Campbell in 1801.  Neil Sinclair
settled in Fenelon Township, Ont.
v. Alexander Sinclair immigrated in 1832 to Boston Mills, Ont.

6th Generation Grandparents:

Ann Sinclair m. Donald Campbell (b.1761 Islay, Argyll) emigrated in 1832.

5th Generation Grandparents:
John Sinclair, b.1795, Talant, Islay, Argyll. m Janet someone (b.circa 1799,
Charles McLean (b.1793 Island, Islay, Argyll. married Mary Campbell
(daughter of Donald Campbell and Ann Sinclair)

4th Generation: Donald Sinclair (b.1821, Argyll), son of John and Janet.
married Catherine McLean.
Their children:
1. Janet b. 1848, Talant, d. Nov 20, 1917. Buried in Stayner, Ont. m. Duncan
2. Mary Sinclair (b.1859 Talant, Islay, Argyll)
3. John Sinclair (b. 1855 Talant, Islay, Argyll) d. Shelburne Ont.

Anyhow, I hope you get the idea.  Well, better get going before my little
guy gets up!  My mom (Florence Sinclair) had a stroke about 4 years ago, and
I look after her at home.  I also have a son, James, who is five.  Anyhow,
talk to you later!

Bye, Ellen Price

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> Hello, Ellen!
> Where have you been for 1/2 my life?!  (Well, maybe  that's a slight
> exageration!).  I have recorded most of the Sinclair families from  the
> of Islay between 1750 and 1850.  Can we compare notes?

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