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Sinclair Dates

   November 13

   1002: Danes massacred in England,
   [2]English king Ethelred II launches massacre of Danish settlers

   1093:  Battle of Alnwick, [3]King of Scots Malcolm III Canmore killed.
   Margaret dies soon after.

   1695:  Darien  Company  Subscription  Book,  Subscription book for the
   Company  of  Scotland  Trading  to  Africa and the Indies is opened in
   London. Entire issue of 300,000 is subscribed.

   1775:  American  Revolutionary forces captured Montreal, In an attempt
   to  prevent  the  British  from using Canada as a base for attack, two
   American  armies were dispatched, one under General Richard Montgomery
   who  would  advance on Montreal, the other under Benedict Arnold, with
   the  purpose  of  capturing  Quebec  City.  The attack on Montreal was
   successful,  however  the  invasion  of  Quebec failed. Montgomery was
   mortally  wounded  during  this  campaign.  Arnold took command of the
   majority  of  American  troops remaining in Canada. He would remain in
   Canada until the Spring of 1776, and then begin his precarious retreat
   to  New  York,  by  way of Lake Champlain, relentlessly pursued by the
   British  under  General  Sir  Guy  Carleton. General Arnold managed to
   assemble  an improvised Naval force, which would engage the British on
   Lake  Champlain.  The Americans were badly defeated, but their actions
   delayed the British almost until the onset of winter, preventing their
   joining main British force on Staten Island.

   1850: Robert Lewis Stevenson b.,


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