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Sinclair Dates

   November 12

   324  B.C.:  Era  of Alexander, Commonly used for dating in the ancient

   1035: Cnut d.,
   [2]King of England dies.

   1715:  Battle  of  Sheriffmuir,  Earl  of  Mar  vs.  Duke  of  Argyll;
   indecisive.  [3]David  Sinclair  of Brabsterdorran fights for Jacobite

   1918: Austria becomes a republic,

   1933: 1st known photo of Loch Ness monster, (or whatever) is taken

   1948: Japanese premier Tojo sentenced to death, by war crimes tribunal

   1954: Ellis Island closed, immigration station in NY Harbor closed

   1975:  US  Supreme  Court  Justice William O Douglas retired, after 36


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