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re: Nov 11th input of "Sinclair" of labehotiere

 Lest we forget- A more positive approach! =20

On Nov.11th we celebrate the valor of the men who served and died in the =
many wars, for the protection of our freedoms. One of which is our freedo=
m of speech which gives us the right to give our opinion, but those opini=
ons must not be absorbed as facts. Following are just three examples of m=
isinformation from the "Sinclair " Nov.11 text:
Ex.  The deeds of Hitler were caused by the humiliation of the Treaty of =
WW I. (No truth to this statement. It was his personal decision to put fo=
rth a Super Race to conquer the world as well as to annihilate 9 million =
Ex. The body bags and burnt youth streaming home to Australia from Bali w=
ere caused by someone bucking for a high popularity rating. (That attack =
in Bali clearly was caused by some personal decisions made by terrorists =
to kill and injure people.)
Ex. The "War on Terror" has been so far a failure. (Not true! I want to g=
ive, here, some personal correspondence I received recently from a worker=
 in Afghanistan. This person wrote concerning a group of pacifists from M=
ennonite, Brethern and Quaker organizations who you'd expect to give an a=
nti-American and anti-war stance, but here was their words and I quote:  =
"About the lack of anger at US bombing and general efforts here in Afghan=
istan, I have found that the only people mad at the US are the Pakistanis=
 and other non-Afghans Moslems around the world.  In this region I would =
say that at least 90% of the people have supported what the US did and is=
 doing.  They want the Arabs ( as they call them) and their lackeys our o=
f their country.  They want to start rebuilding and move on.  They say it=
 is like an arm or leg that has turned gangrenous.  You have to cut it ou=
t, and even if it is brutal, it is the only way to save the life of the w=
hole." (end of quote.)

The world is not perfect, but the way to make it better is to build on wh=
at is positive rather than lament what may be wrong all the time.  This c=
ame from a book called STRIVING   isbn 0-9708640-1-9 by a Sinclair. avail=
able form Amazon

Sandy Sinclair of Olympia ,Washington

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