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Oldest Scottish Festival

Just another refference on Ceres Games. We all know that the Battle of =
Bannockburn was in 1314. The Ceres History website confirms my previous =
entry concerning the continuity of these games for the past 688 years, =
except during the wars. See =
http://www.visitrannock.com/ceres-history.htm (hope this works as a =
link). The following is copy and paste.

Ceres Highland Games & Recreations

Mention has been made of the Annual Market held in March and October, =
but by far the most important events in the Ceres calendar were the 2 =
days in June, when on the first day the Market was held, and on the =
second day the "Fair" or "Games" were held. Ever since Bannockburn Games =
have been held on the green) except during the War years so far as is =
known. The King's Charter granting the villagers the right to hold a =
Market and a Fair on June 24th and 25th has long been lost to sight and =
the Market no longer takes place. The date is now always fixed for the =
last Saturday in June and the old name of "Plack and Penny Day" has been =
replaced by "The Ceres Games". On that day, the "world and his wife and =
family" stream into Ceres, coning from far afield to crowd round the =
green or throng the bank along the side of the arena. In the centre of =
the "ring", dancers compete, sturdy athletes toss the caber and the =
sheaf. Round the perimeter go the racing cyclists and the afternoon =
culminates in the "Ceres Derby". The small ring provides an exciting =
spectacle and on one occasion one of the entrants and his horse ended in =
the burn The day started officially about noon when Ceres Brass Band =
assembled in the High Street and led the Free Masons from their Lodge =
through the village to the green. Though Band and Free Masons have long =
passed into memory, the Games President or a Member of the Committee =
leads the Pipe Band through the village to the green.

(Bold type added for emphisis)


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