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Sinclair Dates

   October 15

   1879: Victorio's War [end], Source: ToW

   1879: Apache Victorio surr., Source: ToW

   1918:  Sinclair DD-275, Sinclair (DD-275) Keel laid down on 15 October
   by  the  Bethlehem  Shipbuilding  Corp., Squantum, Mass. launched on 2
   June  1919;  sponsored  by Mrs. George Barnett, granddaughter of Capt.
   Sinclair, and commissioned on 8 October 1919, Lt. Comdr. C. S. Roberts
   in command.

   On 22 November 1930, Sinclair was renamed Light Target #3 (IX-37). Due
   to  faulty  boilers,  however,  her  conversion  to  a target ship was
   canceled.  She  recovered  her  original name on 24 April 1931 and her
   destroyer  designation on 11 August 1931. Sinclair was struck from the
   Navy  list  on  5  June 1935 and sold on 30 August 1935 to Learner and
   Rosenthal,     Oakland,     Calif.,     for     scrapping.     Source:

   1991:  Richard  Stokes  b.,  Son of Margaret Stokes (milamba). Source:


   1. http://sinclair.quarterman.org/timeline.html
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