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Which Captain Sinclair

The destroyer commissioned by a Mrs. Barnett for Capt Sinclair - Off
hand, I can think of three - Captain/Commodore Arthur Sinclair -
received his rank in the War of 1812 at the Battle of Lake Eire.  He is
the Second generation Arthur Sinclair from Surry County, VA. Enter
midshipman in 1798 - died 1834.  He took part in the Barbery Wars in the
Two of his sons were Captains, in the US Navy before the Civil War.
resigned their commissions and joined the Confederate Navy.
Commander/Captain George Tarry Sinclair participated in the Wilkes
Expedition of survey and exploration in the Pacific and later with his
brother took part in the opening of Japan to commerce in 1853.  His
brother being, of course, Arthur Sinclair who was the Captain of the CSS
Mississippi, the ship that almost was during the loss of New Orleans.
At that time his rank was Commodore/Captain.  Captain George Tarry
Sinclair was captain of a CSS cruiser during the Civil War. All of these
men made their home in Virginia.  At that time, the rank above commander
was a positional rank. If the man captained a vessel, he was Captain. If
he was in command above that then he was a Commodore.  Commodore Arthur
Sinclair of the Battle of the Lakes was a squadron commander and hence
named as Commodore.
Please specify which Captain Sinclair by name and state.

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