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Sinclair Dates

   October 5

   1777:  Philadelphia  occupied,  Philadelphia  was  occupied by British
   General  Howe.  The  area surrounding the city, and the Delaware River
   flowing  past  Philadelphia,  was  controlled by the Rebel Continental
   Army commanded by General George Washington. Howe needed to find a way
   to  bring  food  and  supplies into the city. Howe attacked rebel held
   forts  along  the Delaware. Fort Mifflin, the focal point of the rebel
   defence,  came  under  an  intense  bombardment.  After three weeks of
   fighting the forts fell but only after a surprising American defence.

   1813:  B.  Thames,  Battle  of  the Thames in Canada; Americans defeat

   1864: Calcutta Cyclone, Most of Calcutta destroyed by cyclone.

   1877: End Nez Perce War, Chief Joseph surrenders ending Nez Perc War.

   1908: Bulgaria, Bulgaria declares independence from Turkey.

   1910:   Portugal  republic,  Portugal  overthrows  monarchy  proclaims

   1923: Cepheid variable, Edwin Hubble identifies Cepheid variable star.

   1931: non-stop transpacific, 1st non-stop transpacific flight Japan to
   Wenatchee Wash.

   1947:  televised  president,  1st  Presidential address televised from
   White House, HS Truman.

   1985: Challenger 6, 13th Space Shuttle Mission, Challenger 6 launched.


   1. http://sinclair.quarterman.org/timeline.html
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