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Re: Origin of Irish Sinclairs: Sinclair -> Nokaird?????

Joe and others,

Don't know if this will help, but maybe...
Look at the last one, John Sinkler.

Burgesses & Brethren of Glasgow 1608 - 1723

B = Burgess, G = Guildbrother, B&G = Burgess & Guildbrother, F= Freeman,
M = Merchant

William Sinclair M, B&F, as married to the daughter of a B  2 July 1601
Robert Sinklar  Maltman, B, as married Elizabeth, lawful daughter of
   William Forthick, B     31 May 1621
Ournount Sinkler Servitor to Sir David of Donypace, B gratis  19 January
Lord John Sinkler B, gratis      15 May 1633
Andrew Sinkler M, B&GB, by purchase    26 January 1636
Lieut John Sinkler B, gratis      4 March 1642
John Sinkler  M, B       4 January 1648
(Having removed from Glasgow & settled in Ireland, he was deprived of
his freedom by Act of Council
          18 August 1655)



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