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Re: Origin of Irish Sinclairs: Sinclair -> Nokaird?????


Thanks!  I missed it.   Can you interpret the phrase "he was deprived of his
freedom by Act of Council 18 August 1655" for me?  Does it refer to his
status as Freeman?  If so, why didn't he have an F next to his name.  I
don't know much about the customs of that period.


 > Joe and others,
> Don't know if this will help, but maybe...
> Look at the last one, John Sinkler.
> Burgesses & Brethren of Glasgow 1608 - 1723
> B = Burgess, G = Guildbrother, B&G = Burgess & Guildbrother, F= Freeman,
> M = Merchant
> William Sinclair M, B&F, as married to the daughter of a B  2 July 1601
> Robert Sinklar  Maltman, B, as married Elizabeth, lawful daughter of

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