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Re: [KansasCity] Joseph ST. CLAIR b. 3/5/1806 VA > Jackson County, MO IN 1836

  Yes, I had found that. Robert and Elmira's son
Charles E. was the first one I found when digging. I
knew then that all these St. Clair's had to be kin to
each other, so I kept everything I found on any St.
Clair. And Thank God, I did that. For infact they was
all kin, either cousins or brothers. The names of
these St. Clairs repeat in Every level of the
generation, over and over. Sometimes it gets very
confusing. But I think we have this family wiped!!!
  My Charles E. Came to Louisiana. I have him on 1870,
1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 census records. So I know
where he was at pretty much all times.
--- "Stanley St. Clair" <srstclair@alltel.net> wrote:
> Kimmy Ann,
> From an earlier message, there were two Charles E.
> St. Clairs. They may have
> both been Charles Edward. The Charles E., son of
> Henry and Sarah, as you
> know, married Sarah E. Adams. The Charles E., son of
> Robert and Elmira
> married Mary Lauretta Mann.
> Stan

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