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Re: Faith bashing?


There seems to be some confusion about what I have asked to cease.

The specific topic is whether one religion is better than another,
along with the related subtopic of who or what is fundamental or
liberal and which is better.  These are fascinating subjects, and
I for example could go on about them at great length (theology is
another of my hobbies), but this is not the list for them.  When religious
topics of this nature come up on forums that are not primarily about
them, what has happened usually happens: someone, and usually multiple
parties, take offense.

Now the issue isn't about who started the recent thread about Islam
vs. Christianity, nor about any specific posting or poster in it.
Some people took offense at one posting, others at another posting.
The issue is that this list is not about that.  There are many forums
where whose religion is better can be debated ad nauseum.

This list is about Sinclair-related matters.  It has traditionally
been very broad-minded in defining what is a Sinclair-related matter,
and most likely will continue to be so.  However, a simple rule of
thumb is that if a string of postings doesn't mention the name
Sinclair (or St. Clair or Sinkler or some other spelling), it's
probably not Sinclair-related.

If someone wants to cite a source written by a Sinclair about specifics
of the Muslim faith, that is Sinclair-related.  If someone wants to
post about Christian faith as related to for example the First Crusade,
in which we have reason to believe that at least one Sinclair participated,
that's Sinclair-related.  I hope these are enough examples to illustrate
the idea.  Not every posting has to specifically mention a Sinclair,
but whenever possible, please do include such a mention.

Some list members seem to be wondering if anyone has been removed from
the list due to this issue.  No, no one has.  However, please remember
that this list is my hobby, and I or Gary acting for me retain the right
to remove anyone from the list at any time for any reason whatever or
with no reason at all.

Here's something else to think about: if you see messages on the list
that you don't like, why not post messages about things you do want
to see?  For that matter, why not go ahead and do that anyway?

Some of you may think that you do not know enough to post.  But all
of you have access to google, bookstores, and libraries.  All of you
have ancestors, many of them with interesting stories about them.
All of you live somewhere, and most places have something interesting
to say about them, often Sinclair-related.  Most, probably all, of you
have interesting stories of your own to tell.

The list is what you, its members make of it.  The list is not television;
we are not here to be passively entertained.  The list only has content
when its members post content.  The more each of you post, the more likely
the list will have content that you and the rest of us find interesting
and enjoyable.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>
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