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The Junyo Maru

18 September 1944  the Japanese cargo ship "Junyo Maru" was travelling from
Java to Sumatra (Indonesia) was  in the Indian Ocean, West off Sumatra near
Mukomuko she was torpedoed by the British submarine H.M.S Tradewind.  5065
ton vessel carried 2300 Dutch, British, American and Australian POWs and
4200 Javanese slave labourers.
 5620 perished in the waters off southwest Sumatra this was the largest
maritime disaster of World War II.

Among those who died were Sinclair, C H Aus 2/2  Pion Btn AIF Sinclair,
Robert, 1171745  British  RAFVR
Also the master of the American tanker ship S.S. Virginia Sinclair , which
had been itself torpedoed by the Japanese on 3/10/43 with a crew of 7.

ref Robert Barr Smith  World War II magazine March 2002

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