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Re: ...Islam puts most western cultures to shame?

With this series of emails, I would like to ask that my name be removed from
the Sinclair mailing list.  While I agree with the fact that extremists in
the name of any and all religions are at best misguided and at worst
dangerous, there is a vast difference between terrorist attacks in the name
of religion, staged for political purposes against a nation and its values,
and individual violence.  While both are wrong, you trivialize the deaths of
more than 3,000 people on September 11, 2001 with your comparisons to
abortion foes.  Get real folks!

Yes, the Muslim faith is a compassionate faith who treats the poor and
downtrodden with dignity and compassion.  As an American Christian, I
challenge Tim-Wallace Murphy to understand that my faith calls me to work
tirelessly to do the same.  Not only are we called by faith to treat those
who are vulnerable and defenseless with dignity and compassion, but to offer
food, shelter and clothing as well.

Too often have I read incidents of faith bashing on this list without
responding.  Can't you understand that most of us are simply reaching for
God in our own fashion?

I joined this list to gain historical insights upon the name Sinclair.  I
joined it to glean more from the geneaological research of others.  I did
not join it for this type of discussion.

Please remove my name from the list

Peace to all,
Ron Sinclair
North Carolina, USA

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> Tim,
> Your remarks have rendered me speechless!    ;-)
> Sincerely,

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