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Re: Sinclairs - Scotland - Canada - United States



I am a beginner at this and have tracked back heritage a little way back. I have not established all the connections for the info below but they did go from Scotland to Canada to US.


My grandfather Martin Sinclair (1873 - 1939) came down to Boston in the 1890s (he was a Navy veteran of the Spanish American War). He had three children – John, William, and Catherine. Do not know of any Martin Sinclair’s siblings.  


My Ggrandfather Duncan Sinclair (est b 1844). Don’t know about his offspring other than Martin. 


My GGgrandfather was Duncan Sinclair who I believe cam over from Scotland – I would guess in the 1820’s. Basilica of St. John the Baptist in St John’s lists the marriage fo Duncan Sinclair from the “Isle of Scotland” to Margaret Keefe from Bay Roberts NFL in 1828. His male children were Matthew, William, John, and Duncan. This from the voters list in North River, NFL. 


As a side note – 

-         The 1885 voter list for North River lists Matthew and Duncan Sinclair

-         The 1889 voter list for North Rover lists Matthew (36yrs), William (34), John (32), and Duncan Sinclair (45). All with the father as Duncan

-         The 1893-1900 voter list for North River lists John (49), Matthew (54), William (52), and Duncan St. Clair (45). All with the father as Duncan.


Please let me know if you can comment on any of this or direct me somewhere.



John Sinclair

S. Chatham MA

 SusanG1400@aol.com wrote:

I would very much like to know, please, if there are Sinclairs living 
in the United States whose relatives went from Scotland to Canada and later 
from Canada to the United States and if so when their relatives went from 
Scotland to Canada and then to the United States. I have a friend whose 
grandfather came to the United States in this manner and he suggested that 
these Sinclairs should be referred to as "icebacks."
My mother's grandfather (her father's father) was James A. Sinclair. 
He was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1837. In 1843 his parents John Sinclair 
(He was born on the Isle of St. Helena near Glenluce, Scotland, but worked as 
a power loom weaver in Glasgow.) and Mary McArthur Sinclair, himself, his 
older brother John Sinclair and his younger sister, Eliza Sinclair, all left 
Glasgow. They went to Hamilton, Ontario Province, Canada where they lived 
for seven years. In 1850 they entered the United Sates through Watertown, 
New York. Some of the family ended up near Boston, Massachusetts, but my 
mother's grandfather's older brother left the United States and went back to 
Canada, helping to found Victoria, British Columbia. My mother told me there 
were two reasons that her Sinclair family went to Canada first:

1) The distance from Scotland to Canada was shorter and the ship 
was therefore cheaper than going to the United States.

2) Since Canada at that time was still a colony of Great Britain, it 
was easier 
for my mother's family, coming from Great Britain, to be admitted 
immigrants to Canada than to be admitted into the United States.

Also, if anyone could tell me where in Canada I could write in order 
to obtain the ship's passenger records for my mother's family when they 
arrived in Canada, I would be very grateful. My mother is eighty-one years 
old and would like to learn as much as possible about her family.
Thank you.


Susan M. Grady
Alexandria, Virginia

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