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Re: ...Islam puts most western cultures to shame?

Dear Ronald,

Most of us are on the list for these same reasons. John Quartermain has
asked that we return to the subjects which are more Sinclair in nature. The
advantage of a list like this is that we see varying viewpoints. We do not
agree with everyone, and are turned off when our ideas are bashed. But I
would suggest that you reconsider, and be patient. The subject matter has a
way of revolving, eventually you will get much good from being a member.


Stan St. Clair,
Georgia, USA

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From: Ronald Sinclair <rons@twave.net>
To: sinclair@quarterman.org <sinclair@quarterman.org>
Date: Tuesday, September 17, 2002 8:13 AM
Subject: Re: ...Islam puts most western cultures to shame?

>With this series of emails, I would like to ask that my name be removed
>the Sinclair mailing list.  While I agree with the fact that extremists in
>the name of any and all religions are at best misguided and at worst
>dangerous, there is a vast difference between terrorist attacks in the name

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